About Me

Are you so curious?

I was born in Italy, 1974, and I’m currently living and working in Spain, far away (but not too much) from my country. And – of course – I miss it… just a little bit.

Why I decided to write this blog?  As you may agree with me, information is crucial in our life: it lets you make decision, change the way you think, choose the people you vote. Media, TV broadcast services,  press, radio and any other communication media, including the Internet, drive information.  So, it is important to understand that who has the control over these medias, has possibly the control over the masses.  I don’t want to say this is what is happening in my country, I’ll let you decide. I can only say that one person – or his family, which doesn’t make any difference – owns TV stations, newspaper,  and a huge emperor which includes banks, insurance companies and on… and at the same time it became Italy’s Prime Minister.

This tiny little black box we used to call television has changed our life since the ’50. Today television has become one of the most common appliace of the world. You can reach in a  millisencond millions of houses, billions of human beings. You can send messages to them. What television shows has become pure reality. If it doesn’t exist in the television, if it’s not being broadcasted, it’s not real. To use the words of a popular man in Italy, “Without Television you are nothing”.

That’s why Videocracy. From a videocumentary make by director Erik Gandini, I would like to comment day by day the political situation in my country. I can’t see what my fellow citizens see everyday on the italian television, and this makes me a little bit out-of-focus, in terms that I have to seek for information instead of passively “abide” it. Seeking for information implies looking for different fonts, compare, read, think. And react.

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